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Streamlining the customer’s experience and refining its product strategy thanks to data analysis

360Learning transforms businesses into learning organisations. To support its hypergrowth, the french company chose the Zendesk and Harvestr solutions.

The integration between Zendesk and Harvestr has facilitated a change of philosophy in terms of the customer’s experience: things went from pull to push in order to prevent potential problems before they arise.”

Thomas Garcia,

Coach of Support Officers – 360Learning at 360Learning




Tickets/ month


Articles views/ month (+55% in a year)


New opportunities of product improvements/ month

A leader in collaborative training, 360Learning transforms businesses into learning organisations. To support its hypergrowth, the french company chose the Zendesk and Harvestr solutions. Complete and scalable, these tools aid in decision making. They allow the company to offer a streamlined experience to its customers, while helping it to refine its product strategy thanks to data analysis.

Digital transformation continues to revolutionise the world of work and with it, the world of training. Now is the time for collaborative learning. This is a more human learning method, which is directly implemented within the company and sometimes even through social networks.

A pioneer in collaborative learning, 360Learning is an innovative platform that makes it possible to create engaging training quickly. Seven years after its creation, the company is no longer in its infancy and is now one of the major players. As a leader on the French market, its clients include 50% of the CAC 40 companies, such as Michelin, Safran and AXA. Its workforce of 165 employees is expected to increase to 250 in 2020. With the opening of its new offices in London and New York, it now aims to accelerate its international deployment.

To support its ambitions and marketing strategy, the company has chosen Zendesk. This plug and play solution offers them considerable time savings. Additionally, the Zendesk platform adapts to its needs and to its resolutely “customer centric” approach, notably through the power of data analysis. “We needed a tool that could be configured quickly in order to support the rapid growth of the group. We wanted the tool to be customisable and collaborative, because there is a lot of internal communication before we get back to our customers. Zendesk meets these needs well and it saves us time,” explains Clémence Condomines, product specialist at 360Learning.

Autonomous and versatile, 360Learning’s support is also sought after for matters related to various techniques such as invoicing and training design. By centralising all contact channels, Zendesk considerably facilitates the work of 360Learning’s teams. “For us, it is imperative to have a very responsive support service and to create as many resources as possible for customers. Zendesk helps us achieve these goals,” adds Clémence.

With Zendesk Support, the support team can more easily track, prioritise and resolve support tickets. The Zendesk Guide solution, which is an extensive knowledge and self-service base, was also quickly tested and adopted. Month after month, the software continues to be refined. “The tool evolves based on the tickets received and how they are processed in order to be ever more segmented,” says Thomas Garcia, coach of the Support Team. At the same time, thanks to the Zendesk Explore analytical solution, product managers can now perform personalised summaries and analyses in just a few clicks, in order to obtain real decision-making support. “Ultimately, we want to create tables per squad, so that each product manager has their own boards,” adds Thomas.

All trades headed towards on a more proactive product strategy

Another key asset of the Zendesk platform is its integrations with many other innovative solutions via the Marketplace, which allow it to quickly integrate innovation and new tools in order to personalise its customer service. To further promote its analyses, 360Learning has opted to supplement Zendesk Explore and Guide with Harvestr. This product management tool allows you to manage user feedback, prioritise the features to be developed and handle product communication all in a single interface. And its integration has been carried out very easily, quickly and intuitively. “It was shockingly easy. All we had to do was download the application from the Zendesk store and the tool was installed in minutes. Technically speaking, we were relieved to see that everything was going well,” recalls Clémence.

In order to get a better grasp of this new tool and to make it perfectly suit our needs, a single contact person was also present during each stage. “This contact person gave us quick responses to all of our questions, as well as suggestions for improvement. We were positively surprised by this high level of responsiveness. At no time did we feel left in the dark,” adds the product specialist. Be it feedback, a list of customers interested in a particular feature, employees involved in the same internal roadmap project and so on, the Harvestr application now centralises a multitude of information, which is always available at a glance. The key: real digital transformation with easier user research, product documentation and an understanding of the customer’s needs. “There is no need to systematically open a Trello card, to copy and paste or to wonder which project manager should receive the information… with the click of a button everything is processed by Harvestr,” says Thomas Garcia.

Additionally, the app makes it easier to access customer feedback for both small and large accounts. “We are therefore able to determine how many of them are sufficiently interested in our tool in order to make suggestions that correspond to specific and identified expectations,” remarks Thomas Garcia.

In the end, Harvestr has become a decision-making aid for a long-term product strategy and it has been able to support the digital transformation of 360Learning. Now more mature, the company wants to adopt a more proactive product strategy. “We know our value offer and we want to move on to something with a greater push,” notes Thomas Garcia.

360Learning’s integration of the Zendesk solution and the Harvestr application has enabled the company to radically transform its digital practices. Thanks to this integration and in-depth work on the Knowledge Base, in November 2019 articles generated only 3% of tickets, compared to 8% in October.

“It is as if the KB (Knowledge Base) is a product within the product. I give priority to the feedback received the most from internal and external customers. For example, our article on user roles in the platform was not at all clear and generated a lot of feedback on Harvestr. So I redid everything this summer in order to create a much clearer article, guided by customer feedback,” explains Clémence.

User feedback, on the other hand, is very positive. In particular, they appreciate the ease of access to information and they feel like they are saving time. Furthermore, these innovative solutions, based on data analysis, significantly improve communication between departments. “The use of these new tools has led to a profound change in mentalities, processes and ways of interacting with the customer or between employees,” concludes Thomas Garcia.