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For any business, the software you use must be flexible, easy to use, and able to scale at any pace. We understand the complexities of software because we are a software business. Regardless of the solution you offer, your customers expect the best experience. At Zendesk, we empower you to provide the best customer experiences no matter what your pace of growth.

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Big names which provide the best customer experiences with Zendesk

The Zendesk for software approach

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Make it personal

You don’t just serve a single user, you support businesses with a wide variety of needs. The Zendesk platform connects all your customer data, so you have a complete view of your customers. Agents can easily access any support channel from a single place, making it easier to provide a personalised experience to any customer who reaches out.

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Scale without slowing down

Your software is the engine that powers businesses—and more customers means it’s time to scale along with their growing needs. As support requests increase, it’s crucial to remain agile and responsive. With Zendesk, you can do more with less—save time with automation so the right ticket gets to the right agent; customise workspaces to your unique business needs; and rely on AI to streamline processes that boost productivity.

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Collaborate with ease

Make it easier for your team to collaborate around the world—whether it’s solving bugs, launching new updates, or engaging with customers. Unify your internal communication channels so every team can easily work together to resolve customer issues quickly. With Zendesk, you can access all your communication tools from a single place. Integrate apps like Slack and Jira, and share information with out-of-the-box dashboards so your team can improve the customer experience with data.

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Solid data security

Get security that is reliable and scalable for your business. With Zendesk, enterprise-grade features and standards ensure that you follow compliance rules and protect customer data at scale.

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Hit the ground running

Zendesk is easy to implement even if your environment is complex. Quickly scale operations, train new agents, and launch new products without worrying about clunky administrative tasks. We even have a professional services team at your service to configure and integrate products so you can focus on what matters—your business.

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Scale with omnichannel

Help customers on any channel

“We’re always thinking about how we can maximise the experience for our customers. The customer shouldn’t care who in the organsation they’re talking to. They should just get the help they need.”
Jon Herstein

Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Box

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Put the customer first

Go the extra mile

“We always try to instil within our representatives that the size of the company doesn’t matter. What matters is that we get the customer to where they need to be and try to help fulfil dreams.”
Delano Mireles

Director of Worldwide Support

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Improve support operations

Tailor to your needs

“Zendesk has helped us to become more customer-centric. That’s our number one priority—that every customer interaction is meaningful, that we’re tracking it, and that these interactions are consistent.”
Sam Trachtenberg

Vice President of Operations at AdRoll

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