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Online ticket system for customer satisfaction

What is an online ticketing system?

Last updated October 30, 2023

An online ticket system catalogues all the interactions that take place between your customers and support team. Ticket system software assigns a number to every customer interaction and logs it as a ticket in your database, helping your team track, monitor, and resolve issues.

Zendesk help desk software includes an online ticketing system that seamlessly organizes customer interactions for your business, creating transparency across the chat team and beyond. With Zendesk, your support team is equipped with all the information they need to help customers—and your customers feel heard throughout the process.

The online ticket system advantage

Gone are the days when chat agents took phone calls, provided a simple solution, and hung up. With the powers of software, real-time reporting, and systems integrations, online ticketing is the key to customer satisfaction.

With Zendesk, each time an agent creates a ticket in our software, that action sets off a workflow that can draw teams from support, sales, marketing, and management into the customer relationship—making it so much more than just a customer support call. Every ticket in the system corresponds to a point in the customer lifecycle. By tracking and reporting on these tickets, innovative companies are able to gather and analyze a rich array of information about their customers, including what matters to them most and how their business can meet them there.

Make problem-solving seamless

Zendesk’s online ticketing system makes it easy to track, prioritize, and solve tickets—without the risk of information falling through the cracks. By placing all issues in an organized system, it’s much easier to build a process to make the most of that information. From prioritizing tickets to allocating resources to solve them, an online ticket system gives your team the birds-eye view it needs to meet challenges head-on. Zendesk also makes it easy to see metrics for employee performance and customer service process, so your business will know exactly where it needs to improve.

Find solutions quickly

A growing business is something to celebrate, but an increased workload is a recipe for support team stress if their system runs on paper tickets and spreadsheets. Zendesk's online ticket system allows your chat agents to handle the growing volume of phone calls and inbound emails with clear-eyed focus. With customizable technology, real-time reports, and built-in analytics, your support team can better manage the help desk process.

As an added bonus, your online ticket base can be easily integrated with other Zendesk resources like a knowledge base, making it simple for both customers and agents to find the solutions to issues quickly. Knowledge is power and your team is ready to power up.

Experience online ticketing with Zendesk

Zendesk customer service and ticket software is designed as a full solution, providing your support agents with everything they need to manage customers and solve problems for your business. It’s time to leave those outdated spreadsheets and paper tickets in the dust. Experience the power of an online ticketing system with Zendesk.

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