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Sales reporting software & analytics

How can Sell help with sales reports & analytics?

Sales shouldn't be a guessing game. Sell's powerful sales reporting foundation takes daily snapshots of your data and translates it into 25+ visual reports to inform intelligent decisions and impactful actions. Uncover data-driven sales insights with robust, out-of-the-box visual reporting.

Sales rep dashboards

Knowledge is power. With Sell's rep-level dashboards, sales reps will know exactly where they stand. Each rep will have visibility into how they're progressing toward goals and how they're performing on key sales metrics relative to their peers.

Coaching sales reports

Enable data-driven coaching. Sell provides managers with all sales reports they need to identify top and bottom performers and, more importantly, what metrics and deals are driving performance.

Pipeline and deal reporting

Understanding revenue drivers has never been easier. Sell's comprehensive pipeline reporting solutions track deals all the way from entry to closure and capture details along the way to uncover key trends in your business.

How a Zendesk sales CRM system helps your business

Investing in the right sales software for your salespeople allows them to focus on what matters: closing deals and winning over more customers. Zendesk Sell keeps track of your conversations, alerts you for scheduled calls, and is backed by a dedicated team of experts to provide support when you need it. Think of Sell as your sales sidekick. See what a dedicated sales productivity platform can do for your business.

Take reporting to the next level with Sell