Optimize your support
operations as you scale

Optimize your support
operations as you scale

Customer expectations are constantly evolving.
Keep up with them by making sure your customer support operations are in tip-top shape.

Zendesk Support Enterprise Plan

The Zendesk Support Enterprise plan gives your company the tools you need to optimize your support operations as you scale.


Customize your support solution to fit the diverse needs across your business with features like contextual workspaces and custom resources.

Contextual workspaces allows you to maximize agent productivity by creating unique ticket interfaces that surface up the right forms, macros, and apps based on the ticket at hand. (Currently in beta.)

Optimize your support <br>operations as you scale

Advanced workflow

Set up, maintain, and change your support operations with ease with advanced features like skills-based routing, ticket forms, and premium sandbox.

With skills-based routing, you can get the right ticket to the right agent so they can more efficiently navigate their day-to-day workflow.

Streamline collaboration

Keep internal and external teams on the same page with tools like the Collaboration add-on, which includes light agents and side conversations.

With side conversations, agents can easily share info, request a response or kick off processes with other internal and external teams.


Keep team members accountable by giving certain roles the right account permissions. Easily audit changes made to your Support instance with features like custom roles and audit logs.

With custom roles, you can give specific permissions to your agents to see the tickets that just pertain to them.

Global brands on the Support Enterprise Plan

“We now have the ability to have multiple teams working together in one instance of Zendesk, which allows them to collaborate and also focus their work in their area of subject matter expertise. The Support Enterprise Plan also allows us to scale in a more efficient and cost effective way, without compromising the quality of our service.”

Jess Winkelman

Director of Customer Service

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