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Part 1: Top Tips for Better Customer Service

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Zendesk’s Tea Break Webinar series are bringing a collection of Top Tips to your morning tea break. In the 3 part series, our Zendesk experts share how you can get the most out of your Zendesk product. In Part 1 of the series, we look at the Top Tips for Better Customer Service.

We understand that running a business is hard work and providing great customer service is even harder, but great customer service can mean the difference between success and failure. Customer expectations will continue to rise but the good news is there are many ways to support those expectations easier than you think! In this short webinar, you’ll learn tips around;

  • Enabling your team with the right tools

  • Embracing technology for greater efficiencies

  • And, making better customer service decisions with your data

Register for Part 1 to discover the Top Tips for Better Customer Service that can help your support team improve its interactions with its most valuable asset: customers.

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Kristina Kennyphoto

Kristina Kenny

SMB Account Manager, Zendesk

Randy Patersphoto

Randy Paters

SMB Account Manager, Zendesk