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Coffee Break:
How to Build Agile Sales Teams

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Grab a warm cup of coffee and join us for our next episode in our Coffee Break series! In this series we will take a look at why sales leaders have had to change their priorities after the recent pandemic and top tips on how to build agile sales teams.

Sales organisations have a direct feel for the pulse of the market. They know their customers, and they see changes coming before the rest of the organisation. That’s why they’ve been shifting their priorities in response to changes in the customer base and the underlying market long before anyone else.

We will share knowledge and tops tips from sales leaders on:

  • Why meeting the changing needs of your customers and better supporting your sales people is a must

  • How to improve support for sales people

  • The key areas sales leaders need to invest in right now to succeed

We’ll dive into the best practices for each priority.

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Alex Begley

SMB Account Manager,

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Kieran Doherty

SMB Account Manager,