Premium Sandbox

Premium Sandbox

Take Support to the next level while retaining a safety net. Premium Sandbox allows you to innovate in a safe environment while your business operates without interruption.

Innovate without making a mess

If you're a modern enterprise, you probably have a unique set-up, complete with customised configurations, workflows and business rules. For the big changes, such as rolling out new features, you need to avoid making a mess. Premium Sandbox allows you to create a replica of your production environment where you can build, test and train, making the big changes feel seamless.

Build where it’s not risky

Experiment with ways to take Support to the next level while minimising disruptions and operational risk to your production environment.

Premium Sandbox

Work out the kinks

Battle-test new features, workflows and configurations in an environment that acts and looks just like the real thing before rolling them out to agents and end-users.

Train teams with crash barriers

On-board new agents and train teams on new features and product enhancements as part of your ongoing change management strategy, resulting in quicker adoption and reduced ramp-up time.

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See it in action

Learn how Premium Sandbox can help you conquer change.

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