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A playground for new ideas

People say change is hard, but we don’t think it has to be. With customer experience, it pays to be adaptable — and bold. Our Premium Sandbox gives you a safe space to make changes to your Support set-up. It’s a realistic copy of your production environment, where you can imagine and build with a safety net.

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Build without risk

Use your sandbox to design and develop new configurations to your support instance. By relying on a test environment, you’ll reduce disruptions to your active production environment.

Test your way to success

Accurately battle-test changes to existing features, workflows and configurations to fit your dynamic needs. It’s set up to look and act just like the real thing.

Train your teams

Train new people and teams in a realistic environment. You’ll reduce ramp-up time and make sure your customers are getting a consistent experience.


What’s inside the box

Right-size your sandbox

Available in three tiers, Premium Sandbox caters to different use cases and budgets. Learn about which level is right for you: metadata, partial or production.

Configured in a few clicks

You can engage with Premium Sandbox right from the Admin Centre. With several clicks, create a sandbox quickly and easily, and control how you manage your sandbox, all in one place (limited availability).

Let’s talk business

Premium Sandbox is an add-on to Support Enterprise and Support Suite Enterprise. It gives you access to a process that copies content from your production instance into the sandbox instance. (The standard sandbox does not replicate your production instance.) There are three levels of Premium to choose from — metadata, partial and production.

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Change is on the way

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