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Online Community Software

Start discussions, promote engagement, track popular topics

Give your online audience what they’re looking for with online community software.

Creating an online community is an integral part of keeping a strong relationship with your customers. Zendesk’s platform provides a centralized support solution for hosting online communities, connecting with customer service portals, and creating knowledge bases.

Host your own community

A devoted customer base deserves a social destination where they can discuss products, services, and strategies related to your company. By hosting a dedicated online community, customers see a company that wants to hear from them and promote engagement for they experience your products and services. Online community software simplifies how an online audience engages with your company’s brand and other users.

Promote your brand

Dynamic online community software provides numerous ways to stay on-brand while promoting your online community. Brand the web page’s layout with your company’s logos, art styles, and other design elements that adhere to your branding guidelines. Moderators can ensure that topics stay relevant and related to what your company provides.

Track popular topics

Pay attention to the most actively discussed topics and collect helpful data to benefit the entire organization. Online community software guides new customers to popular topics to help them get started. Longtime customers can engage in more detailed conversations and propagate trending topics to make them easier to discover. Moderators can engage on the platform to find out how they can create a better experience for their users.

Keep things fresh

Online community software makes it easy for outside contributors to develop their online community. Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editing gives contributors a true view of what their published post looks like on the web page. As the online community develops, the software will automatically recognize duplicate or similar content, ensuring that similar topics don’t overwhelm the discussions and the audience knows when their question has already been answered.

A social platform solution

Create a social community that acts as both a solution and a supplement to your product or service’s user experience. Social community software is a solution that expands where your customers interact, either as an easy venue for them to create user generated content and where users can thrive. Customer journey management is simplified, as it can tie in tickets that come in through social media, mobile users, content management systems, and more.

Tap into more knowledge

Zendesk community software is the solution for enhanced self-service and customer satisfaction. Easily guide customers to essential resources and promote engagement that aligns with your company goals. Use these resources to learn how.

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