Sales CRM solution

Make selling an easy process

Before prospects turn into customers, they interact with reps. Our Sales CRM solution offers powerful tools that empower reps to make connections and focus on what they do best—closing deals.

Operate in perfect harmony

Sales Reps

Make a good impression

Provide your reps with the right resources to build customer relationships and hit their quotas. Easily track, log, and prospect from anywhere. Instead of difficult-to-use software, invest in a solution that allows reps to spend more time on leads, opportunities and engaging with customers.


Stay looped in

Get a complete picture of how your sales team is performing. Rely on customisable dashboards and reports to answer questions you have or to track the success of your reps. Gain visibility into what’s coming down the pipeline without higher administrative costs.

Your business

Bridge the gap

Your reps aren’t the only team who engage with customers; your support agents do too. Make it easier for your teams to collaborate and create the best customer experience. Let agents pass leads on to reps from a support ticket, and give agents insight into relevant sales context so everyone is on the same page and your business thrives.

Get the right stuff for the job

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Sales CRM software

Zendesk Sell enhances productivity, processes and pipeline visibility for sales teams. Sell is integrated with Zendesk Support, giving reps and agents the complete context of the customer’s journey from start to finish.

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Integrated customer support

Zendesk Support is a simple system for tracking, prioritising, and solving customer support tickets. Support puts all your interactions in one place, so communication is seamless and efficient–which means more productive agents, more leads for reps and satisfied customers.

“I find information from my sales reps in Zendesk Sell, and information from my support agents in Zendesk Support—those two solutions hold the keys to everything round here. Now both teams have a holistic view of the customer from the solution they primarily work in.”

Jacob Gibbs

Director of IT and QA Support Services at Mortgage Coach

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Learn from the experts

We asked customers to share their experiences with our sales CRM solution—Zendesk Sell. Find out how Sell continues to transform businesses and their sales teams.

70% go live within a week

20% increase in sales productivity

15% increase in overall growth rate

91% spend less time logging emails

91% spend less time creating lists and reports

84% increase in accurate reporting

Source: This data was sourced direct from over 600 verified customers of Zendesk Sell by TechValidate. More details here