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Shine a light on every customer

Vimeo uses Sunshine to put the power of personalisation in agents’ hands

Vimeo is one of the largest subscription-based video and content platforms in the world—which means they have lots of customers, and even more support tickets. With Sunshine and the Zendesk Apps Framework, Vimeo was able to make sure that every ticket was categorised and sent to the best agent for the problem at hand.

vimeo app
1 developer
Averaged Response Time reduced to 30 minutes
Zendesk Apps Framework (ZAF) ; Custom Objects

Business challenge

As relationships with users become more complex, properly grouping users’ requests and tickets into the right categories becomes difficult—for instance, sometimes, a user can have an Account question that’s related to Billing, or a Billing question that’s related to a Free Trial. Vimeo wanted their front-line agents to get really specific when classifying ticket categories so that they could be routed to the right specialists for the job. They also wanted a way for specialised agents to be able to provide feedback on the tickets escalated to them.

Platform solution

Using the Zendesk Apps Framework (ZAF), Vimeo created a customised app called “Categorisation Setting” that allows front-line agents to fill in a form choosing from a robust hierarchy of 100s of ticket categories. The categories, subcategories, relationships linked to them, and the forms themselves are all stored as Custom Objects. They then built another customised app, “Specialist Satisfaction (SSAT)”, which allows Specialists to provide feedback and marks on the tickets that have been escalated to them—giving management the ability to coach the agents and understand where they can improve.

“On Vimeo's support team we have an intrinsic belief in feedback loops, and everything we build comes from constant communication from our agents. We don't just tell our agents how to work, we encourage them to tell us their pain points, and together we develop solutions to meet their needs. Sunshine and the Zendesk Apps Framework allow us to receive insight and quickly turn it into action, and get our agents the data needed to provide a truly personalised customer experience without ever having to leave the Support workspace.”

Cameron Dunn

Head of Community Operations

Vimeo’s customer story