How TravelPerk offers 7-star business travel support with Zendesk

  • Customer since 2015
  • CSAT 95%
  • Tickets per year 500k+
  • Number of agents 140+
  • Products Used

For many customer-centric organizations, making customers happy is a common fact. At Barcelona-based TravelPerk, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world, it has been a strategic focus since day one.
For travelers, there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with continuous changes in schedules, fares, availability of planes, trains, hotel rooms or Airbnb bookings. For business travelers, not only is it irritating, but also hugely time-consuming. It distracts professionals from the task at hand, and is ultimately costly for their organizations.

That’s where TravelPerk comes in. TravelPerk is an online platform supporting all aspects of booking and management (transportation, accommodation, invoicing, expense reports, everything) that changes the way processes are dealt with, with total transparency and a 24/7 dedicated service offer.

“Business travelers often get stressed over their trip management, and need to feel supported by people who know exactly how to help in high-stress situations. In today’s competitive business environment, it’s never been so crucial for their success” says Susanna Gürocak, Customer Care Team Lead and main Zendesk Administrator.

Speaking of success, TravelPerk has a proven track record of its own, raising a total of $134 million in investment to date, and counting Uber, Adyen, TransferWise, and Farfetch, among it’s thousands of customers. 

To offer its customers the 7-star customer experience they deserve and promise, TravelPerk selected Zendesk’s best-in-class solutions: Zendesk Support, an intuitive ticketing software and Zendesk Guide, a smart help center, to support their goals in a fast-growing market currently worth 1.3 trillion dollars and poised to hit 1.7 trillion in 2022. 

“We just couldn’t imagine engaging with our clients in an old-fashioned way through long chains of email messaging. In fact, one of the reasons TravelPerk exists is because business travelers are sick of excessive email threads when booking their trips. We chose Zendesk’s solutions for customer care in order to scale with us as our company multiplied its efforts”, says Susanna.

“Zendesk provides us with the transparency and visibility we need for our constantly growing customer base, in a single tool. We take full advantage of the flexibility and scalability offered by Zendesk that a growing company like ours needs. The solutions are particularly quick to on-board for our new users and agents, allowing them to adapt their workflows with greater efficiency and, ultimately, to bring more value to our services,” she adds.

TravelPerk has put together a dedicated international customer care team, available 24/7. It’s doubled over the last 6 months, currently at 140+ agents (and rapidly growing!), and representing 30+ nationalities.

“Being able to analyze and prioritize our customer requests according to SLA, as well as identifying volumes and moments of contacts in real-time, and giving immediate feedback to our staff on all those indicators has offered us a big competitive advantage. It has also improved our customer satisfaction while better understanding the correlation between this and SLAs”, says Susanna Gürocak.

Beyond customer care, other departments use Zendesk to better serve their clients, including finance, sales, engineering and product teams. Customer care and collaboration is at the center of TravelPerk’s strategy, which gathers staff to review weekly results and to share customer stories and best practices.

“We immensely value Zendesk’s technologies and the support we receive from them,” says Susanna. “We are delighted by the quality and responsiveness of Zendesk’s support, who make it easy for our agents to get better at using their solutions”.

Being a company obsessed with making customers happy, TravelPerk is constantly looking into new ways of improving customer experience and to streamline their own internal processes. The company is considering more integrations with Zendesk using the marketplace and to develop and customize additional new APIs. They are also considering unifying their customer care tools (emails, phone and chat) into the single omnichannel platform that Zendesk is offering.

“We live and breathe our 7-star service, and combining that with Zendesk’s leading features, the sky is definitely the limit in terms of customer relationship management,” concludes Susanna Gürocak.

“Zendesk provides us with the transparency and visibility we need for our constantly growing customer base, in a single tool. We take full advantage of the flexibility and scalability offered by Zendesk that a growing company like ours needs.”

– Susanna GürocakCustomer Care Team Lead at TravelPerk.