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Deliveroo uses Zendesk Support to serve three distinct customer groups

In this customer video, Deliveroo shares how Zendesk Support helps them provide great service to their bicycle riders so that riders can provide great service to hungry customers.

“I could list hundreds of things that we’ve done with Zendesk which we could not have done without such a powerful tool.”

– Jude Kriwald

Operations Manager at Deliveroo


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Founded in 2012, Deliveroo helps top restaurants embrace takeout by providing a fleet of bicyclists who bring meals from the kitchen direct to hungry customers’ doorsteps.

Deliveroo serves many people: their customers, the restaurants they work with, and their fleet of cyclists. Jude Kriwald, Operations Manager at Deliveroo, looks after one of these groups—the riders—to ensure that deliveries are smooth and problem-free. In order to achieve this, the riders need an easy way to contact the operations team should they have a problem on the road or be running a few minutes behind schedule.

Kriwald was introduced to Zendesk Support by a colleague and tested the tool with a free trial. Soon after, Deliveroo implemented Support across their customer, rider and restaurant support teams. Kriwald said that, while his team was hesitant about the change at first, they quickly realised that the tool was quite powerful. “Once they realised it was going to to save them time answering emails, they were very happy,” said Kriwald.

In addition to making the Operations Team more efficient with their email load, Support also offers insights that help Kriwald and his colleagues allocate workloads across the staff. “Seeing why riders were emailing, and how often they were emailing about different issues, allowed me to forecast how many staff we would need in our office each month for the rest of the year,” said Kriwald. “That was great.”