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Outbound is now a member of the Zendesk family.
We’re working together to make customer relationships better with proactive messaging.
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Make the right connection

Zendesk Connect helps you better understand your customers and their journeys to proactively support and engage them.

Get to know your customers
Collect customer data from across the Zendesk family of products. Complete your view with a timeline of events and conversations.
Add a personal touch
Create segments of customers based on behaviour or profile. Then identify trends and trigger targeted campaigns to get the right message to the right customers.
Build trust and loyalty
Keep your relationships going strong. A proactive warning about issues or a well-timed tip for newbies delivers assistance before customers know they need it.
Send Targeted Campaigns

Use the right touch

Conversations work best when you catch people at the right moment. With Connect, you can design an in-product message campaign to fit the context, or an email campaign to re-engage customers. Trigger campaigns based on segments, drop a line to VIPs, or send a one-off campaign to your whole list.

Segments and Filters

Find your slice

Create segments to engage customers more efficiently and effectively. Define custom audiences based on behaviours, actions, and attributes to reach out to customers in ways that actually mean something to them.

Measure Performance

Find out what’s really going on

Keep track of campaign performance in real time—who’s seen it and who was interested enough to click through. Get high-level visibility with aggregated metrics, and granular insight with customer-level tracking.

Understand Your Customers

Enjoy the view

Import customer data and combine it with customer interactions from all your Zendesk products—and beyond. An event-based timeline gives you a better understanding of that customer’s history: where they’ve been on your site, when they needed help, and why.


"With Zendesk Connect, we're able to reach out to our expanding user base and proactively provide them with help before they need it. This helps in deflecting support requests and allows my team to focus on issues that require a human touch."

- Luke Haselwood, Technical Support Manager at Zoom Video Communications
Ways to stay connected
Well hello there...

New things can be confusing, but that can be turned round with good communication. Keep new customers excited and coming back for more with tips and recommendations.

All news is good news

Well-informed customers are happier customers. Send them updates about new products, new styles, new features or just plain news.

Act now

Give a gentle nudge to customers with new offers related to their past interests.

Let’s keep this going

Customer relationships are for ever—we hope. To increase your chances of a long-term relationship, keep them engaged with suggestions, best practices and interesting info.

Watch out!

Everyone appreciates an early warning. Proactively let customers know about service updates or on-going issues to prevent frustration.

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