Zendesk Morning Show Series 2:
Autumn Edition

It's an unpredictable world right now. Join us to navigate the changes in customer experience. Stream in every Tuesday for fresh Zendesk insights and learnings from industry champions.

We’ll share the updates you need to know—in 20 minutes. And you’ll learn how to take your customer support to the next level, no matter how uncertain business gets.

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Episode 1 - Break new ground:
Adapt to the shifting customer journey Available

In 2020, everyone’s doing business differently. Find out how companies are adjusting to new customer expectations, so you can too. Learn from our special guest insights and new research, which reveal that customer experience leaders don’t wait to invest in their support. And we guide you through how to get ahead of uncertainty by shifting the way you operate—seamlessly.
Featured guests: Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), Staffbase

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Episode 2 - Prepare for peak:
Be customer-ready for the festive season Available

When we mix an unprecedented year with the holiday period, we're bound for challenges. But at Zendesk, we help provide smooth experiences—even during the Black Friday and festive flurry. Learn how e-commerce retailers are driving sales, as retail digitisation becomes the norm. Get insights for a stressless end to a stressful year (well, that’s an understatement).
Featured guests: MADE.COM, AboutYou, Fortnum & Mason

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Episode 3 - Work reimagined:
Create better employee experiencesAvailable

In so many ways, the workplace is changing. As companies pivot to remote work and rethink what collaboration means in the decade ahead, find out how you can help your employees help themselves. Learn IT and HR solutions for improving the employee experience, with the help of agile processes. That way, your team will be happier and more productive at work. It’s win-win.
Featured guests: Capgemini, Groupe Saretec, TietoEVRY

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Episode 4 - The next level:
Ace your agent experience Available

Here’s to the agents. In this episode, we're putting the magnifying glass on the customer support heroes. Learn how to improve your agent satisfaction and retention, no matter where your company is on their journey. Get lessons from a scale-up case, so your own agents can get up to speed fast. We show you how smart internal collaboration can improve your products, and the good side of automation, which frees up agents to get on with what they do best.
Featured guests: Bloom & Wild, Free Now

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Episode 5 - Making moves:
Be agile in our upside-down world Available

These days, change is constant. For businesses, that means swift and seamless decision-making is helpful—even necessary. In this episode, we explore the clever ways that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are taking the lead in shifting with demand. Whatever your size or needs, learn how to punch above your weight to deliver customer support during the most topsy-turvy of times.
Featured guests: Deciem, HyperJar, Mindful Chef, Doctena

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Episode 6 - Take the lead:
Raise your CX with values-driven management Available

Values matter. In our final episode, we explore the power of values-driven leadership in today’s business world. Learn how to put your company values into action, so empathy, flexibility, and diversity become more than buzz words. Whatever industry you’re in, find out how meaningful values can shape the full support journey—and keep customers happy.
Featured guests: GoCardless, Marley Spoon

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Prelini Udayan-Chiechi
VP Marketing, EMEA
Jeff Titterton
Adam DeMattia
Director of Custom Research
Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)
Felix Starzer
Head of Customer Care
Isobel Mills
Head of Customer Delight
Bloom & Wild
Nabil Kachour
Service Operations Director
Free Now
Siohhan Taylor
Head of Customer Services
Mindful Chef
Pat Phelan
Chief Customer Officer
Christiane Müller
Customer Service Manager
About You
Senna O'Sullivan
Customer Happiness Manager (UK)
Elexciss Thomas
Customer Happiness Manager (Canada)
Ben Saffran
Application Support Engineer
Laura Pappi
Customer Service Manager

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