Zendesk Morning Show Series 2:
Autumn Edition

It's an unpredictable world right now. Join us to navigate the changes in customer experience. Stream in every Tuesday for fresh Zendesk insights and learnings from industry champions.

We’ll share the updates you need to know—in 20 minutes. And you’ll learn how to take your customer support to the next level, no matter how uncertain business gets.

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Series 2
Series 1

Episode 1 - Break new ground:
Adapt to the shifting customer journey Available

In 2020, everyone’s doing business differently. Find out how companies are adjusting to new customer expectations, so you can too. Learn from our special guest insights and new research, which reveal that customer experience leaders don’t wait to invest in their support. And we guide you through how to get ahead of uncertainty by shifting the way you operate—seamlessly.
Featured guests: Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), Staffbase

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Episode 2 - Prepare for peak:
Be customer-ready for the festive season Available

When we mix an unprecedented year with the holiday period, we're bound for challenges. But at Zendesk, we help provide smooth experiences—even during the Black Friday and festive flurry. Learn how e-commerce retailers are driving sales, as retail digitisation becomes the norm. Get insights for a stressless end to a stressful year (well, that’s an understatement).
Featured guests: AboutYou, Fortnum & Mason

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Episode 3 - Work reimagined:
Create better employee experiencesAvailable

In so many ways, the workplace is changing. As companies pivot to remote work and rethink what collaboration means in the decade ahead, find out how you can help your employees help themselves. Learn IT and HR solutions for improving the employee experience, with the help of agile processes. That way, your team will be happier and more productive at work. It’s win-win.
Featured guests: Capgemini, Groupe Saretec, TietoEVRY

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Episode 4 - The next level:
Ace your agent experience Available

Here’s to the agents. In this episode, we're putting the magnifying glass on the customer support heroes. Learn how to improve your agent satisfaction and retention, no matter where your company is on their journey. Get lessons from a scale-up case, so your own agents can get up to speed fast. We show you how smart internal collaboration can improve your products, and the good side of automation, which frees up agents to get on with what they do best.
Featured guests: Bloom & Wild, Free Now

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Episode 5 - Making moves:
Be agile in our upside-down world Available

These days, change is constant. For businesses, that means swift and seamless decision-making is helpful—even necessary. In this episode, we explore the clever ways that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are taking the lead in shifting with demand. Whatever your size or needs, learn how to punch above your weight to deliver customer support during the most topsy-turvy of times.
Featured guests: Deciem, HyperJar, Mindful Chef, Doctena

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Episode 6 - Take the lead:
Raise your CX with values-driven management Available

Values matter. In our final episode, we explore the power of values-driven leadership in today’s business world. Learn how to put your company values into action, so empathy, flexibility, and diversity become more than buzz words. Whatever industry you’re in, find out how meaningful values can shape the full support journey—and keep customers happy.
Featured guests: GoCardless, Marley Spoon

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Episode One - Ready to adapt: How to step up your support right nowAvailable

The world is a different place than it was a few weeks ago, and the way we do business has been turned on its head. Learn how to get the most out of Zendesk products, and how to build and manage virtual support teams. Guest speakers include Ana Keating, Zendesk’s Director of Customer Advocacy, and Suzanne Hart, Zendesk’s Senior Commercial Sales Executive. Plus, Zendesk CEO, Mikkel Svane, answers your questions in an AMA (yep, that’s Ask Mikkel Anything).

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Episode Two - Pivot like a pro: How to shift your business modelAvailable

In a world that recently turned upside down, find out how organisations are pivoting the way they do business. We’re sharing lessons from customers who are adjusting on the fly including vertical payments company, Flywire and food-order service, Flipdish. This week, we sit down with Nadia Kempel Sigh, Tiger of Sweden’s Customer Care Manager, and Jean-Philipe Blerot, Head of Digital & E-Commerce Projects of retail giant, Carrefour, to talk industry shifts.

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Episode Three - Inside matters: How to scale internal support servicesAvailable

Business isn’t business as usual right now. As your internal teams learn to adapt as much as your customer facing teams, pick up best practices for scaling virtual learning, IT, and HR support services. This week, our Zendesk experts are sharing their insights, including Sarah Manning, Senior Director HR EMEA, and Jennifer Cronin, Director of Talent Development.

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Episode Four - Why seamless experiences matter more than everAvailable

Customer experiences are shifting, but creating the best experiences still requires seamless, multichannel support. Learn about the trends shaping customer experience, and how you can adapt to uncertainty. This week, we’re spotlighting Zendesk customers, White Hat Gaming and New Look. Plus, we sit down with Paulo Ribeirinho, Chief Operating Officer of Dott, the digital marketplace.

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Episode Five - Stronger together, with Zendesk Partners Available

The world is a confusing place right now, and customers are struggling to figure it out. Learn how Zendesk Partners are helping organisations boost support and agent productivity. Plus, we’re talking Tech for Good, and the Zendesk Remote Support Bundle. Our guests include David Gilfillan, Technology Director of Ascensos, and Rick Hutchinson, Director of Appamondo. We also speak with Elisa Reggiardo Chief Brand Officer Tymeshift on pro tips for getting the most of Tymeshift's WFH Plan and Zendesk's Remote Support Bundle.

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Episode Six - Meet the Startups shifting the rulesAvailable

Startups are used to adapting swiftly, but the unknowns of our world right now are demanding even more innovative shifts. In this episode, learn from startups who are not only adjusting to change, but thriving with forward-thinking. Today, we’re spotlighting flower delivery service, Bloom & Wild. We also chat Station F with Alexis Fogel, the CEO and Co-Founder of Stonly, and we dig into cultivating creativity with Max Yoder, CEO and Co-Founder of Lessonly.

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Episode Seven - Get the message across with effortless communicationAvailable

Customers want to communicate with businesses like they do with their friends—effortlessly, and on the channels they want. In this episode, we’re sharing ways to make the conversation flow for your customers and your agents, with tools like Zendesk Chat and WhatsApp. We sit down with Alessandro Zollino, the Director Customer Experience of Balearia to learn how the leading shipping company is boosting engagement. We speak with guests from Dashlane, the digital password manager, and Infinity, the on-demand streaming service. Plus, we spotlight food company, Huel.

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Episode Eight - Cultivating empathy in customer experienceAvailable

Now more than ever, empathy is at the heart of what we do. The ability to cultivate humanity across teams is key to better experiences—for customers and employees. In this episode, we spotlight three dedicated people who have embedded empathy in their work. They will share insights on sparking connection, humanising impact, and becoming a more empathy-driven business. Our guests include Rosanna Machado, the Founder & CEO of Zebra, and Zendesk’s VP of Public Policy and Social Impact, Tiffany Apczynski, who’s leading the Empathy Lab initiative. We also chat with the Co-Founder of Makers United to learn how communities are supporting healthcare teams.

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Episode Nine - Scaling support growth through communities in a remote worldAvailable

It’s a new virtual world. Customers are looking for additional ways to interact more than ever before. In this episode, we share ways to scale your support growth by leveraging communities, and giving customers a place to contribute. Learn support insights from Thomas Garcia of 360Learning, and Stephan Seyfarth, the Director Customer Services of Babbel. Plus, get pro tips on capturing feedback directly from support queries, from Paris-based software company, Harvestr.

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Episode 10 - Scale your service with automationAvailable

At a time when customer service is more demanding than ever, automation tools can help. For customer service teams, automation can ease the pressure, through immediate, consistent, and reliable support. In this episode, we discuss how teams can automate their service and improve workflows using tools like Answer Bot. We sit down with GoCardless and Zyxel to hear how they’re matching automation with personalised customer service.

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Episode 11 - Level up with Zendesk App MarketplaceAvailable

Welcome to the Zendesk Marketplace—your one-stop shop for exploring partners, apps and integrations. In this episode, we explore how to unite your business by integrating new tools. We chat with app developers and customers who have leveraged open API to improve customer support. Tune in for practical tips on how to make the most of tools, so your business can boost agent productivity and streamline workflows.

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Episode 12 - Make data serve your CX strategyAvailable

Building the best customer experience works better when it’s driven by data. In this episode, find out how to measure and improve the entire customer experience. Use data to set your roadmap for growth, scale your customer experience, and to empower your team with improved efficiency. In this episode, Zendesk’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Titterton, introduces the benefits of Zendesk Explore. We learn insights from Northmill, HiPay and Housekeep on data best practices.

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Episode 13 - Gaming companies up their CXAvailable

It’s a tricky time for business right now, but one industry that’s seen a customer spike is gaming. With more people turning to screens and entertainment, find out how gaming companies are handling increased ticket volumes, while keeping customers happy. Our guests this episode include game developers, Wargaming and CCP, plus gaming operator, Betano

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Episode 14 - What’s ahead: Adapting to the next normalAvailable

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate, manage teams, and use technology. Alongside these shifts, customer experience is constantly evolving. From automation to integration, how we interact with our customers matters more than before. And while there’s no blueprint for what’s next in the world of CX, we can try to picture the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. In this episode, industry leaders share their views on the reimagined future of customer experience.

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