The value of self service with Tiger of Sweden

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Today’s customers increasingly prefer leveraging self-service content to solve their issues rather than reaching out to a live support agent. To keep up with this demand for self-service, it’s vital to ensure you are leveraging the correct tools to help support your CX.

A well-stocked knowledge base is the cornerstone of self-service. Zendesk Guide allows you to configure a responsive, branded help center and distribute to all your channels at once — If you need more than one help center, you can also easily set up and manage multiple for different brands, products, or audiences.

Hear how Tiger of Sweden, an international retailer uses Zendesk to offer efficient and smart solutions for their customers.

Join Zendesk’s Ryan McGrew, Director of Zendesk Guide & Gather, and Nadin Kempel Sigh, Head of Customer care at Tiger of Sweden to hear:

  • How the knowledge base enables self-service
  • How Zendesk helped Tiger of Sweden dramatically increase their satisfaction score by more than 40
  • The management of content and how to keep it up to date
  • How self service can enable your agents

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Ryan McGrew

Director of Zendesk Guide & Gather

Nadin Kempel Sigh

Head of Customer care at Tiger of Sweden