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The State of Sales Roundtable

Wednesday, May 4 @ 10 am GMT//11 am CET


Still looking for ways to transform your sales game in 2022? We’ve got good news!

On May 4 at 10 am GMT// 11 am CET, we are bringing you best practices and tips to help level up your sales process, boost deal size, and improve relationships with customers.

Join international best-selling author Todd Caponi and three Zendesk executives as we explore:

● The state of sales: what history has taught us and how the role of the sales person has changed alongside leading sales trends
● Motivation techniques & strategy: tips for managers and leaders on how to create a motivating and accountable sales environment
● The Transparency Sale: a walkthrough of Todd’s breakthrough sales philosophy and framework

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Todd Caponiphoto

Todd Caponi

Author of The Transparency Sale

Monica Tellesphoto

Monica Telles

Regional Vice President of Sales, Zendesk

Gunja Gargeshwariphoto

Gunja Gargeshwari

Vice President of Platform Sales, Zendesk

Sarah Reedphoto

Sarah Reed

Sr. Director of Global Strategic Events, Zendesk