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3 ways to maximise growth for small businesses

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Today, Customer Service (CS) has become the battleground for competitive differentiation and advantage. Accelerated by the disruption of the pandemic, customer expectations are back and higher than ever, and CS leaders must shift their thinking to: loyalty and revenue, design action plans to improve, change processes, and embrace new technologies.

But transformation isn’t always easy. But don’t worry as Zendesk is here to help.

Join us on 19th July at 10.30 am BST where we will provide in-depth insights and real-world tips and tactics on how SMBs can rethink their CS model for fast, quality, profitable support.

We will end the session with a live Q&A so you can get those burning questions answered by the experts.

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Gavin Walshphoto

Gavin Walsh

Sales Director, SMB EMEA, Zendesk

Livia Borzaphoto

Livia Borza

Senior Account Executive, Zendesk

Adam Nevinphoto

Adam Nevin

Senior Account Executive, Zendesk

Maximilian Giehlphoto

Maximilian Giehl

Senior Account Executive, Zendesk