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Reimagining Insurance CX in a Digital World

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Customer experience is quickly becoming the new battleground for insurance companies. The pandemic has changed the way customers interact with insurers; companies that don’t digitise their delivery, service, and communication channels will fall behind in this increasingly technology-centric world.

So how can more insurance businesses elevate their customers’ experience and care to the next level whilst achieving operational efficiency? How can a frictionless, end-to-end customer experience be delivered, and what impact could this have for insurers in an increasingly competitive, digital-first industry.

This virtual discussion brings together leading experts in an open discussion about the challenges they see in Insurance organisations when it comes to enhancing their CX strategy.

On this session our panellists will discuss the following:

  • How have customer expectations shifted in an increasingly digital world?

  • How can emerging tech be leveraged to deliver better CX from initial onboarding to loyal customers?

  • Future predictions: How will CX change in the insurance sector over the next few years?

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Ani Kshetrapalphoto

Ani Kshetrapal

Senior Director, Financial Services, Capgemini

Peter Stockhammerphoto

Peter Stockhammer

Managing Director,

Ilana Simonsphoto

Ilana Simons

Financial Services Lead, Zendesk