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Adapting in unprecedented times - Managing a remote support team

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The longer we work from home the more likely it seems that remote working could become a more common reality. At Zendesk we moved our Customer Advocacy team to remote working in mid-March and so far it’s working well.

Join us for part two in our ‘Adapting in unprecedented times’ webinar series. Ana Keating, Director, Customer Advocacy for Zendesk EMEA will be speaking to Darren Parker, Senior Manager of Customer Success about how she has been managing the EMEA customer representatives all working from home.

Things you will hear about on this 30 minute webinar include:

  • Keeping a remote team motivated and connected in a virtual world

  • Managing and monitoring performance

  • Guiding and supporting day-to-day self management

  • Supporting and enabling a collaborative environment

  • Ensuring effective communication

  • The Swarm Support Model

Should I attend?
If you directly/indirectly manage a support team or function then you definitely shouldn’t miss it!

Join us to watch the webinar live on Wednesday 6 May at 11am or on demand anytime after.

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Ana Keatingphoto

Ana Keating

Director, Customer Advocacy

Darren Parkerphoto

Darren Parker

Senior Manager, Customer Success EMEA