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Loyalty and Trust - not just friendship qualities

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What are the reasons customers stay loyal to brands?

Join Trustpilot and Zendesk while we explain why Loyalty and Trust are not just everyones’ favourite friendship qualities: they’re extremely important to customers and businesses as well!

In this 30 minutes webinar ‘Loyalty and Trust – not just friendship qualities.’ We are going to dive into how to build trust and loyalty with your customers by listening and improving communication and feedback loops. Listen and learn!

We will uncover:

  • The importance of trust – 81% of consumers find it hard to know who or what to trust due to contradictory information.

  • Why loyal customers are more important than wowed customers.

  • How to improve your external & internal collaboration and communication.

  • How to listen and learn from your customers.

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Kristian Elsephoto

Kristian Else

Business Development Manager, Trustpilot

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Mihalis Isaak

Sales Manager,