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Is the right hand talking
to the left?

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Having a high-performing customer service team isn’t possible without the right tools in place. And if the right hand isn’t talking to the left hand—or any other hand, for that matter—it’s going to mean more frustration for customers.

According to our CX Trends report 2022, customer expectations have risen over the past two years. 68% of customers expect personalization each and every time they reach out, and 71% want internal teams to share information so they don’t have to repeat themselves.

To jump-start growth in this new business reality, fast-growing Technology companies need only to look to their own customers. While 60% of companies think they are giving customers what they want, 68% of customers say that’s not the case. That’s a pretty big divide.

What to expect

So what do they want? We delve into why wowing your customers may not be the right recipe for success. You will also hear from Technology disruptors & CX Champions Moneyhub and Ozow on how listening to their customers and taking action in the areas that their customers want has led to happy agents, loyal customers, and company growth.

We end with a demo and have a Q&A session with access to Zendesk experts. There are lots of valuable insights and learnings you can take away from this webinar.


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