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inRiver’s Pragmatic Approach to Great Customer Experience

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With over 10 years of experience within customer service, Maria Bolmstedt will present how inRiver transitioned from an On-Prem product to becoming a SaaS provider, changing the expectations and the service inRiver deliver. Zendesk helped enable the digital experience, allowing inRiver to scale in an efficient way, while at the same time proactively provide users with the information they need. The big gain is to be customer centric and become proactive.

inRiver chose a very pragmatic approach in that the goals were set based on how Zendesk can support the strategy. If limitations were found, inRiver changed what they try to do and focus on what can be done instead. Ensuring 80-90% of what inRiver wanted to achieve without lengthy customization or high costs.


  • Moving the old static custom built Epi-Community to the Zendesk platform

  • Launching the new Service Center with Ticket management, Knowledge, Forums, Ideas, Service status updates and so on, in less than three months

  • The goal was, and is, to have as little customization as possible and use existing configuration to achieve what we want quickly and efficiently.

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Maria Bolmstedtphoto

Maria Bolmstedt

Vice President Of Global Services, inRiver

Andreas Olofstamphoto

Andreas Olofstam

Senior Solution Consultant, Zendesk

Darren Parker photo

Darren Parker

Senior Manager, Customer Success EMEA