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Increase efficiency with Zendesk add-ons

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Join our Nordic SMB experts, Erica Hall and Kristina Kenny, for a 20-min webinar as we dive into the world of add-ons to drive efficiency.

When we surveyed our Nordic SMB customers on what their biggest challenges in CX were, slower resolution times and higher volumes of tickets caused the main issues. With this in mind, we wanted to show you our most effective add-ons to overcome these challenges.

Many of our customers have reaped the benefits by adding the Zendesk Collaboration and Productivity Pack add-ons to their Support plan. Benefits include;

  • Increase efficiency by customising ticket fields and multiple forms to capture information upfront, improve routing and decrease the resolution times

  • Get your agents the data they need to provide the best customer experience

  • Increase internal collaboration with people outside of your Zendesk instance with Side Conversations

  • Improve response times by getting input from cross-functional departments acting as light agents

Register today and we’ll show you how simple it is to add these tools to see instant results. We will also be sharing some customer use cases from other businesses who have seen results and price promotions on the day!

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SMB Account Manager, Zendesk



SMB Account Manager, Zendesk