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What’s next for the future of Manufacturing?

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Staying at the top of the game as a manufacturer is no easy task. It takes constant vigilance, a willingness to discard outdated tactics, and becoming comfortable with change and new technologies.
Increasing customer-centricity and optimising for a digital future are some of the key bets for the future of manufacturing.

But what are the game-changing technologies you should be aware of? How can manufacturers deliver tomorrow’s CX today?

Join our Industry Expert, Caroline Lee as she dusted off her crystal ball and unveiled five big bets for the future of CX in manufacturing.

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Caroline Leephoto

Caroline Lee

Enterprise Industry Expert, Zendesk

Christopher Daveyphoto

Christopher Davey

Principal Solution Consultant, Zendesk

James Ripleyphoto

James Ripley

CX Process and Services Manager, Ingersoll Rand