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CX Takeaways - Building a CX business case

Tuesday, 31st March at 10AM GMT


CX Takeaways Series

The CX Takeaways webinar series aims to give you some great food for thought when it comes to some of the most important customer-related topics.

If you have a CX responsibility in your organisation, this is the series for you.

Episode 1 – Building a CX business case

Have you struggled to convince your senior leadership team to invest in your company’s CX solution? If so, don’t worry you’re not the only one!

There is no doubt that customer service provides a competitive advantage to organisations that do it well. And thanks to Zendesk customers like AirBnb, and Uber, customers really won’t settle for anything less than exceptional. But how can you provide the ROI on the investment made in CX? What does a good business case look like?

Join our team of experts for this 30 minute webinar which will bring you through what a good business case looks like – what to consider, metrics to include, top questions you will be asked etc.

Each webinar is live but also available on demand so you can snack on your CX Takeaway webinar at breakfast, lunch or dinner!

It is led by Darren Parker a Zendesk CX expert and Senior Manager, Customer Success who has worked with hundreds of Zendesk customers across Europe.

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Darren Parker

Senior Manager, Customer Success EMEA, Zendesk