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Accelerating your CX Success

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An organisation’s CX maturity is an assessment of the people, processes, data, and technology in place to service customers. SMB organisations in Europe have significantly improved their CX maturity in the past year.

Depending on where your organisation is today, this journey can seem daunting, but the first step is to understand where you stand:

  • Are your service teams getting the appropriate amount of training to do their jobs?
  • Does your organisation have processes in place to effectively use learnings from service interactions to evolve business processes
  • Does your organisation have visibility into all the service data needed to run the business and can it report on data in real time or near real time
  • And, do your agents have the right service tools providing them with an excellent experience

If you’re not there yet don’t worry! We are here to help. Join us on 27th October at 10 am (GMT) where we will guide you through some of our best practices to becoming a CX champion.

We will also be joined by Brian Durney, CTO at Chupi Jewellery & Rosie Duffy, Head of Customer Care AMARA Living Ltd , who are crushing it in terms of CX. They will share knowledge of how they employ all of the best practices that we recommend and are true CX champions.

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Rosie Duffyphoto

Rosie Duffy

Head of Customer Care,
AMARA Living Ltd

Brian Durneyphoto

Brian Durney

Chupi Jewellery

Richard Moloneyphoto

Richard Moloney

SMB Manager,