Zendesk is 10 years old

But in SaaS years, we’re almost 100

It’s true we’re only 10, but we actually know a lot of stuff. Not bragging, it’s just that we’ve seen some things. Back when we started, iPhones looked like this and your favourite social media site was called The Facebook®. Times have changed and so have we—mostly for the better.

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Here are a few of the lessons we’ve learned along the way.


Always think of the customer.

They don’t always have to be right and they’re not always going to be happy. But you have to put them at the centre of everything you do. Otherwise you'll end up alone, with no customers at all.


Don’t change your prices in the middle of the night.

People will be annoyed

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Businesses are made of people, and those people have relationships and ties to the communities they live in.

Don’t forget how important that is. Reach out to your neighbours. Be generous, friendly and responsible.

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Even the best companies will occasionally make mistakes. But that’s OK.

In fact, it’s actually a good thing if you’re in the customer service industry.



Selling enterprise business software doesn't have to be boring.

Just give 'em the business


When Wall Street throws you a welcome party, be sure to wear your best dressing gown.


Ups and downs are great for roller coasters. But when you become a public company, shareholders prefer a straight line up and to the right.

To read our shareholder letter you must be this tall


Being a jerk only attracts other jerks.

Employ the right people


Make sure you name your company something everyone can pronounce.

\ ˈzen \\ ˈdesk \


If you’re going to be a multi-product company, make sure your products are easy to use and work well together.

You know—like Legos®, but for customer support.

See how we do it

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Relationships are complicated.

But our blog has some ideas for making them better.

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