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New Zendesk app powers CX agents on the go

The shift to deskless customer service and conversational mobile experiences enables the ability to work anywhere, anytime

Published 28 October 2022

With 62% of customers willing to switch to a competitor if they do not get the service they expect the first time, businesses need to provide world-class support from anywhere, whether in person, via the phone or from wherever they choose to be in today’s digital first world.

That is why we recently improved the Zendesk mobile app to an all-new interface that makes it easy for customer service agents and entrepreneurs to connect with their teams and customers in a more conversational way. With all the enterprise-grade power of the full desktop experience, the mobile app empowers work while on-the-move in a simple and secure way.

“When you’re focused on your customers, quick implementation and the ability to solve problems on a dime have a significant impact on the bottom line,” said Jon Aniano, Senior Vice President of Product, Zendesk. “To make this happen, agents and administrators need to see what is going on in real-time, without having to run to the office or boot up a laptop. By moving to deskless service, businesses can increase their productivity and get customers the support they need without delay.”

Deskless revolution improves both employee and customer experience
The way people work has changed, and providing seamless mobile experiences is one way businesses need to adjust. As the customer service workforce – and customers themselves – evolves the desire for flexible work makes deskless technology an expectation — not a nice-to-have.

Gen Z and millennials want to work on-the-go — but according to PwC’s 2022 Remote Work survey, just 22% of companies are providing a mobile work experience. Businesses must learn from the insights of their digital-native agents, who also prefer seamless service as customers, to keep up with customer demands.

These agents are also driven by the desire for more meaningful work and building relationships with coworkers and customers, and refuse to be limited to working from a computer. To accommodate this increasingly flexible, informal and conversation-driven workforce, Zendesk’s deskless agent features help businesses create a mobile experience that features always-on support and no-fuss software.

These new features also benefit entrepreneurs. Traditionally, small and mid-sized business owners have had to do it all: be CEO and head of customer support. Given their smaller budgets, non-traditional work hours and limited headcount, handling customer inquiries can be a challenge.

Yet, with 93% of customers willing to spend more on a brand if they can choose how to interact with it, SMBs can stand out by providing agile, mobile customer service. The Zendesk mobile app makes it easier for entrepreneurs on the go to keep a pulse on customers – anytime from anywhere – to make sure they are driving the biggest impact.

“The mobile-first experience ultimately improves both the agent and the customer experience, and helps to drive meaningful, responsive conversations,” said Aniano. “Whether customers are buying from their phone or their computer, shopping in-store, bringing a product in for repairs or even buying digital goods in the metaverse, a streamlined mobile experience on the back end solves customer challenges more quickly. By equipping customer agents with a deskless agent experience, businesses are ushering in the era of conversational CRM.”

Zendesk’s mobile enhancements evolve
The deskless and mobile experience enhancements include:

  • Support for Zendesk mobile apps on iOS and Android
  • New mobile UI on iOS and Android for streamlined messaging support and ticketing review/response
  • Chat app maintenance and support
  • Application extensibility which allows users to create their own business logic and workflows
  • Unified agent status which allows agents to receive, view and assign tickets within one screen, as well as to set status
  • Security guardrails to empower agents to protect customer data with malware scanning for iOS, ability to address security tickets and API security that helps businesses stay compliant with SOC 2 guidelines
  • Additional UI enhancements, as well as chat back-end migration, for iOS and Android

To learn more about Zendesk’s mobile experience, visit here.