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Make the millions feel like they're one in a million

Great customer service is all about having a personal touch. As an enterprise organisation with a large, diverse customer base, you need tools that can do it all. Segment, personalise, and respond to customers on their preferred channels so you can maintain loyalty for the long haul.

Personalised support at scale

In a highly competitive environment, customer service could be the reason your company stands out from the rest. A tailored customer experience differentiates your business—connecting with customers on a personal level builds loyalty and keeps them coming back for more.

Understand your customer

The essentials card and interaction history gives agents relevant context on who they're serving and what the customer's experience has been so far - so agents can provide faster more personalised responses back to their customers.

customer support

Be available everywhere

The Zendesk Web Widget and Mobile SDK give you the flexibility to bring support direct to your customers, wherever they are. Whether embedded on your website or in your mobile app, live chat, voice and in-context self-service are always available to them.

customer support

Automate everything

Answer Bot uses machine learning to help answer your customers’ questions using content from your knowledge base. The answers it provides are accurately and reliably tailored to each customer’s questions—every time. This frees your team to help customers with more complex or higher priority issues.

answer bot

Tap into more knowledge

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