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BluTV uses Zendesk to help customers get back to action faster

TV streaming company BluTV works with Zendesk to roll out a CX solution that deals with queries quickly so no time is lost that could be spent watching entertaining shows.

“Zendesk enables us to have a single view of all customer information and the various channels they use to communicate with us, whether that be live chat, through the call center, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger or Google Play Store."

Oğuzhan Gözübüyük

Customer Relations Manager at Blutv

Customer representatives








17 sec

Initial response time on live chat


Help centre languages


Positive feedback

Turkey’s first digital TV platform

BluTv is at the forefront

We’ve come a long way from the days of having big, heavy boxes sat in the corner of our living rooms broadcasting programmes from only a handful of channels. Today in our internet-enabled world, we can stream shows to any of our smart devices at any time of day or night.

BluTV entered this space in 2016 establishing itself as Turkey’s first digital TV platform. With its subscription-based service, users can watch different TV series, movies and live broadcasts whenever and wherever they want, and all ad-free.

Seamless support

Dedicated to offering the best customer service possible, BluTV enables users to easily get in touch with any issues or queries they may have regarding their experience of the platform. To best serve these users, BluTV has built up a support team consisting of 20 customer representatives under the supervision of two team leader experts.

To reach its aim of providing support to users across a range of channels including ticketing, live chat and outbound-inbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) operations, BluTV relies on Zendesk.

Good for customers, good for business

Prior to Zendesk, the only means available for customers to communicate with BluTV’s support team was via email. But with its business scaling and, consequently, its customer base growing, BluTV knew that it had to invest in a customer support platform that offered omnichannel support.

Wanting to hit the ground running with this new solution, the key criteria was for it to be straightforward to set up, configure, and deploy, and also importantly allow for integrations. In particular, BluTV wanted the solution to have the ability to gather user feedback and statistics in order to help it improve its service.

Listening to the customer

“Evaluating feedback is one of the most important components of this sector,” comments Oğuzhan Gözübüyük, Customer Relations Manager at BluTV. “We chose Zendesk products as we felt they provided us with everything we wanted from a solution - and the quality we were after.”

With Zendesk installed, customers have been more easily able to access support. A key area has been the development of an advanced Help Centre (available in Turkish, English, Arabic, and Azerbaijani), which has empowered users to find the answers to queries themselves. That, together with the IVR system, has greatly improved the user's self-service support.

“With customer feedback being so important to BluTV, a single platform like Zendesk enables us to very conveniently control and return the feedback received from the various channels,” says Gözübüyük.

Be where your customer are

“Zendesk also enables us to have a single view of all customer information and the various channels they use to communicate with us, whether that be live chat, through the call center, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger or Google Play Store. Having all this information in one place enables us to quickly and easily deal with requests, which not only benefits the customer but with the improved organisation of our processes our customer representatives benefit too,” he adds.

Zendesk's integration capabilities were key to its adoption. “Among the Zendesk integrated applications that the whole team and company benefit from include Slack, Knowledge Capture, JIRA, AloTech CTI, Google Play Reviews and Ticket Analytics,” says Gözübüyük.

Results speak for themselves

BluTV is extremely pleased with the results it has achieved with Zendesk over the past few years. While it cannot compare metrics with a previous solution, it believes the company is achieving a higher success rate than the global benchmark. “Although our percentage of satisfaction varies depending on the communication channel, we easily achieve a satisfaction percentage of 87%. In addition, we received 84% positive feedback on technical issues, including devices and account management issues,” says Gözübüyük.

“In addition to these metrics, our resolution rate is 81% and in terms of our initial response time, we’ve achieved 17 seconds in the Live Chat channel and around 1 hour and 34 minutes in the ticket channel.”