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Gamesys Group Plc: Gaining a clearer view of the customer to enhance a safe and entertaining gaming experience

Gamesys Group
“Zendesk understands that we are investing in our CX, and they want to be there for us on that journey, as they have the same passion about the experience they provide to their own customers. They want to make sure what they’re offering is working for our agents and our players.”

Harriet Klymchuk

Senior Systems Administrator at Gamesys Group

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With its diverse range of recognisable brands such as Virgin Games, Rainbow Riches Casino, Jackpotjoy and MONOPOLY Casino, Gamesys Group plc is a global provider of online casino and bingo games. The company partnered with Zendesk to roll out a suite of omnichannel support services for its players that enables them to spend less time in queues and more time playing the games they love.

Gamesys already had a player-friendly set of products but it wanted to provide an even more efficient customer experience (CX) that exceeded player expectations. Zendesk has helped Gamesys to reach a customer satisfaction score of 85%. Players can get through to live agents in less than a minute, despite the company dealing with 93,000+ tickets per month.

“Zendesk understands that we are investing in our CX, and they want to be there for us on that journey, as they have the same passion about the experience they provide to their own customers. They want to make sure what they’re offering is working for our agents and our players,” explains Harriet Klymchuk, Senior Systems Administrator at Gamesys.

A 360-degree view of the customer

Gamesys operates six different gaming sites in the UK, and its primary goal is to have a complete picture of all its players. This enables the company to keep up with customer expectations whenever and however players contact them. It is important that everyone who gets in touch with any of the Gamesys brands feels there is consistency whilst interacting with the various departments and teams and they feel they are interacting with one unified organisation.

Having a 360-degree view of each player means that whenever someone gets in touch with Gamesys, the service agent that responds can see all the interactions that previously occurred with the player. By knowing the communication channel they prefer, agents can ensure they are communicating with each customer via their preferred channel resulting in better customer service.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our players to reach us, and not encounter any blockers or barriers.

“Zendesk has given us a way to consolidate our systems in one place, particularly through apps and customisation, as well as contextual workspaces, enabling our team to deal more efficiently with any query that arises. Previously there were 19 different systems that our agents had to navigate to find the specific information they needed. Now, we’re much closer to getting what agents need all in one place, which will bring better efficiencies when responding to players.”

Supporting safe gaming in changing times

Responsible gaming is a cornerstone of the Gamesys business, and the company wants to make sure their players are entertained in a safe gambling environment. This ethos has always been true for Gamesys but in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company had to maintain its high level of service while adjusting to new ways of working. Because Gamesys was already working with Zendesk when the pandemic hit, the tools were immediately available to create a virtual contact centre with agents working from home. The only lead time the team needed to move to home working was the ten days it took for Gamesys to source the required hardware.

“Having 24/7 teams available for players any time of day is key,” says Harriet. “Zendesk has been essential in ensuring continuity of service as we transitioned over 200 agents in our offices to be able to work from home. Flexibility within Zendesk allowed us to redeploy trained staff from multiple teams to areas of the operation that needed extra support as we adjusted to new ways of working.”

With the help of Zendesk, Gamesys aims to go even further. The objective is to look at ways to use Zendesk’s automation tools to free up agent capacity to carry out tasks that only a human can do – all in the name of supporting players and enabling a safe gaming environment.

Self-implementation but never alone

“What we have with Zendesk is a true partnership.” Harriet Klymchuk, Senior Systems Administrator at Gamesys GroupDue to the Zendesk platform being up and running in less than three months, allowed Gamesys to hit the ground running, deploying the various solutions across the business. Gamesys chose to implement the Zendesk platform on its own, however Zendesk’s specialists were on hand to help with the early stages whilst the system went going live.

“What we have with Zendesk is a true partnership,” explains Harriet. “They have provided us with a product but it’s an evolving one and they want to be on that journey with us along the way. If there’s a problem, the work with us to try to find a solution, without forcing us to change our ways of working to suit their products.”

Looking to the future

To further unify all the player profile data onto a single platform, Gamesys is now producing a series of custom apps available internally to allow agents to work from one place when handling customer queries. The information from these will feed into Zendesk’s solution, so it is important that they are compatible, and that information can flow freely between the two.

“The feedback I’ve had from our development team so far has been amazing,” says Harriet. “The resources from Zendesk are simple to use and it’s really easy to see what we need to do thanks to the clear breakdowns we get from the support team. You rarely get a stock answer. Zendesk is not a company that will throw the documentation at you and expect you to figure out an issue for yourself. They genuinely want to help you find a fix.”