Customer Experience Retail Trends 2022

Published March 18, 2022
Last updated June 14, 2022

Retailers understand that the success of their business depends on the success of their customer service teams. Even so, inflexible systems and a lack of data visibility may be holding them back.

To jumpstart growth in this new business reality, retailers need only look to their own customers. Customer service has emerged as a key differentiator between companies, a top consideration for customers and a profit-generating force in its own right. Some 61% of customers globally say they now have higher customer service standards after this past year’s crisis. And an equal number would now defect to a competitor after just one bad customer experience. Delivering exceptional customer service can mean the difference between standing out or falling behind, but retailers have to move quickly to avoid common traps that may derail their growth plans:

Customer service isn’t wowing customers

Although 62% of retailers gave themselves high marks for the quality of their service, what they’re offering is lagging behind what customers expect. In fact, 54% of consumers report that customer service feels like an afterthought for most of the businesses they buy from. That’s a problem for those looking to impress customers and keep them coming back.

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