5 biggest gaps in customer service for small businesses

By Nicole Saunders, Manager, Community Engagement

Published July 17, 2019
Last modified July 17, 2019

The stakes are high for small businesses. Companies like Amazon and Uber have set the standard for customer service, while small businesses—companies with fewer than 100 employees—are fighting to keep up with their customers’ expectations.

Over half the small business leaders we surveyed said their teams still rely on a shared email inbox to manage tickets—meaning information about customers goes unlogged, and customer service teams lack a way to understand how agents are responding. Whether it’s an overflowing queue, a lack of accessible channels, or chaos when it comes to the flow of information, small businesses are fighting an uphill battle.

By surveying customer experience leaders and analysing how small businesses are using Zendesk, we have found that fast-growing small businesses are much more likely than their peers to take an omnichannel approach to customer service. In our recent report, we cover the five biggest gaps in customer service for small businesses—and how an omnichannel solution can help companies avoid these potential pitfalls.