Lead generation and sales engagement tool

A pipeline as good as gold

Salespeople are the experts at closing deals. Even though selling is their top priority, they’re still spending too much time prospecting manually. Reach, a powerful lead generation and engagement tool, automates the tedious process of finding and keeping leads interested, so your reps can focus more on building relationships and meeting their quotas.

Connect with the right people

Build targeted prospect lists, identify the right professionals within each account, and seamlessly prospect across multiple channels.

Automate interactions

Create customised email sequences using personalised templates to automatically follow up leads and identify interest.

Know what works

Understand which of your touchpoints are working and what you need to tweak with response tracking and reporting.


See how it works

Get a surplus of leads

Instantly generate targeted lead lists and enrich contact data for a robust pipeline with accurate, current and comprehensive data. With Reach, you get access to over 20 million businesses and 395 million prospect records, so reps can instantly discover new opportunities to act on.

Engage without effort

Create customised templates and unique touchpoint cadences for different lead sources, stages in the sales cycle or product interest. Increase rep productivity with automated follow-ups to keep leads warm and interested.

Reach more for the right price

Here’s the deal. Reach is included in The Zendesk Sales Suite
or available as an add-on to Zendesk Sell.

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Frequently asked questions

*In compliance with GDPR, The Sales Suite and Sell customers who purchase Reach for use in Europe will only be provided with company information. Prospecting for individuals at a specific company and enriching leads and contacts will not be accessible.