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AI-powered support gives your agents a helping hand. It’s a better customer experience.
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AI can do it

Artificial intelligence helps you automate simple tasks and create better experiences for your customers. AI chatbots empower your agents by giving them a helping hand — which lets them focus on more complex issues. It’s simple to customise, build, and extend your customer experience with our chatbot solution.

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You’re better off with bots

Be quick

Automate responses to commonly asked questions — with chatbot software, any time of the day or night.

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Be proactive

Chatbot software lets you gather information from visitors and connect them with the right people, right away.

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Be real

Seamlessly hand over conversations from chatbots to human agents for more complex or sensitive tasks.

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Build a chatbot

Our Conversations API lets you add bots to your Zendesk Chat experience. It’s flexible and scalable, so you can adjust your chatbots to your preferences as you grow. With the API, you can easily embed bots into Chat — whether they’re built by you or a third-party bot provider.

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Our chatbot partners

Ada’s bots can handle the requirements of large, global organisations. Their chatbots are fluent in English and support over 100 other languages. They’re perfect for balancing a mix of easy tasks — such as simple, low-touch questions — as well as complex tasks, like retrieving customer account information.

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Aivo builds bots for organisations of all sizes. Their Agent Bot can serve customers fluently in Spanish, Portuguese,and English. They’re ideal if you need text and voice interactions, or if you require AI for omnichannel.

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Netomi automatically resolves over 50% tickets across email, chat, social, messaging and voice. Companies across the USA, Canada, Europe, LATAM and Asia leverage Netomi in many languages to securely automate resolution, assist agents, enable proactive care, and boost CSAT.

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BotXO is focused on designing chatbots and virtual assistants for businesses based in Europe. Their bots provide customers 24/7 automated support in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, as well as French, German, Spanish and English.

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“With Zendesk Chat and Ada’s joint solution, we’re able to build chatbots that are designed for our specific business challenges. Chatbots have saved our team a lot of time by automating responses to high-volume questions. And when the questions get a bit more complex, the bots can easily hand over the conversation to a human agent, ensuring a great experience for our customers and agents.”

- Kristin Williams, VP ESG, Ultra Mobile

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