Voice of the customer tools

Make sense of customer feedback with voice of the customer tools

Voice of the Customer (VoC) tools are a must for organizations looking to differentiate themselves from the competition, offer the best customer experiences, lower customer turnover, and increase customer referrals. Don’t settle for “just another” customer survey as your VoC tool of choice. Building a true VoC program is a must for any dedicated customer service software company.

Zendesk Support delivers VoC tools that provide rich insights into customers that help analyze and take action to drive business growth with smarter decisions.

The inside scoop

Support arms you with insights so that you can measure and improve your customer service by learning what your customers think through customer satisfaction ratings and by receiving instant analytics on how you’re doing through performance reports and dashboards. Customers always speak their minds, and that’s a good thing because customers that don’t voice their concerns, complaints, or suggestions may soon no longer be your customers. Collecting and using customer feedback is an important part of how we do business and how we build great relationships. Support empowers you to incorporate suggestions and make informed decisions whenever it makes sense.

Did you know?

A well-rounded VoC program includes three different stages:

  • Collection - capture feedback in the moment with short, simple, and relevant questions with satisfaction ratings, NPS® surveys, and VOIP apps through digital channels like SMS or Chat
  • Analysis - organize feedback to identify trends and observe patterns with analytics to measure and understand the entire customer experience
  • Take Action - take any necessary action from customer feedback and analytics data reporting to put the right process in place
Voice of the Customer tool expressive image showcasing customer feedback via a can and string.

Next steps

Zendesk Support puts all your customer support interactions in one place with tools and features that ensure communication is seamless for satisfied customers. Request your free trial today to experience a successful VoC program.

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