Customer Context

Customer Context

Gives agents the relevant context they need to provide faster, more personalised responses to your customers.

The tools you need to personalise your responses

Customers expect seamless support when interacting with your agents. With our essentials card and interaction history features, agents get the context they need so they can cater their responses back to your customers.

Have the relevant details

Know all the relevant details on the customer – such as contact information, language and freeform notes – through the essentials card.

Customer Context

Know their journey

Gain visibility into all previous events and conversations with your customers through the interaction history.

Connect your own data

Capture customised events – such as web and shopping activity – through our Events API so that you can centralise all interactions in one place.

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    85% of customers agreed that they are now able to better understand their customers’ journey with the essentials card and interaction history.

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    71% of customers said they were able to get a better understanding of the interactions their customers were having with their company.

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