Applaud is built on the belief that employees should have the same exceptional technology experiences inside the world of work, as they expect outside the world of work, as consumers. Applaud is the workforce experience layer that makes digital HR simple.

Applaud was founded in 2008 by Ivan Harding and Duncan Casemore, driven by a mission to create HR technology that focused completely on the employee. Both Ivan and Duncan began their decades of HR software experience as part of Oracle’s HR development team, giving them an in-depth, unique understanding of integrating enterprise HR technology.

Our clients are a new breed of HR, who care about employees having positive experiences with HR technology, and who see the business benefits that this brings. We work with the most forward-thinking, employee-focused organizations across the globe, from The National Trust to Fly Dubai and Estée Lauder Companies.

We are consumers, just like everyone else. To bring the worlds of consumer and employee technology closer together, we are purposefully pioneering, opening up the latest innovations and consumer tech trends like AI and chatbots to organizations. The way we work is output orientated and we strive to put both our employees and the businesses we work with at the forefront of HR technology.

We've created a consumer-grade workforce experience layer which encompasses your current HR systems and software, but giving them a more user-friendly interface.

Employee-first HR services

From onboarding to offboarding, and every moment in between, make work simple by turning employee and manager services into the type of exceptional technology experiences we expect as consumers, anywhere, any time.

Freedom for HR

Replace link farms with relevant, personalized knowledge and support exactly when your people need it, reducing HR cases and improving adoption rates.

Work full force

The workforce experience layer hides complexities, and unites departments and systems to create HR services that are so easy to use your workforce won’t have to use them, they’ll want to use them.

No-code required innovation

Innovate without relying on IT and developers using the no-code platform, built for the new breed of HR who know that agility is the key to recruiting and retaining the very best people.

"Applaud has taken our People services to the next level. We’re receiving great feedback from our staff, delivered ROI to the organization and enhanced the experience for all our employees." Tracey Dyer, Head of People Services, National Trust.

We have teams across the globe passionately committed to creating consumer-grade HR technology.

We’re all gadget-obsessed, but people always come first, technology second, because it’s consumer expectations that set our technology standards.

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