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São Caetano do Sul, Brazil 250 projects 5 certifications

Aktie Now helps companies improve their relationship with their clients. We do this by aligning technologies and customer service best practices, always thinking about how our customers can provide a better experience for clients and partners.

With more than 200 projects delivered in Brazil and Latin America, we have the experience to help companies transform their Customer Service and Customer Experience with our CX Consultancy team and our Zendesk specialists.

We are the main Zendesk partner in Latin America, with a Sales team that can help you to understand the best solution for your business, Implementation team to extract the best practices from the platform, and a Dev team to integrate and create new features.

The help centers that we delivery are amazing, not only beautiful, but also functional and an important self-service channel for our customers.

Let's talk how we can help you in your Customer Service challenges.

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