Social impact at Zendesk

We believe in service

Zendesk continues to strive to be an empathetic, active and responsible corporate citizen. As a company that builds software to improve customer relationships, we take a service-first approach when it comes to all our stakeholders: our customers, our employees, our partners and our communities.

Our Global Impact Report shares how we’re doing against our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments, like improving our employees’ health and wellbeing, addressing systemic racism and using our technology to help solve complex social challenges.

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At Zendesk, we are driven by a simple intention: be helpful.

Our products make it simple for companies to be helpful to their customers. Social impact at Zendesk has a similar goal – to make sure that our company is helpful to individuals, to communities and to the planet. By harnessing our people, products and resources, we commit to being a force for good in the places where we live and work.

Practice Empathy

1,400+ Zendesk employees volunteered in 2020

12,000 total volunteer hours in 2020

758 hours volunteered with Tech for Good partners in 2020

Purpose over perks

Serving with our people

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zendesk employees pivoted from in-person to virtual volunteering, responding in real time to the needs of community partners around the world and giving more than 370 hours towards COVID-19-related aid.

Globally, employees mobilised to translate essential COVID-19 news into the languages spoken in their regions. Organising themselves via a new #volunteer-translate Slack channel, 127 employees in London, Manila, Montpellier, San Francisco, Dublin, Krakow and Madison translated critical information for non-profit organisations, healthcare facilities and housebound older people. The Zendesk team in Manila even helped the Philippines Department of Health disseminate pandemic guidelines throughout the entire country.

Sharing our products

By giving away Zendesk products – and providing skilled employees to help implement them – Tech for Good allows non-profit organisations to maximise their helpfulness. Using our software, community organisations are better able to track volunteers and donations, release emergency-response resources and give clients personalised help.

Get involved

To apply for Tech for Good or to learn more, visit the Help Centre.

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Every little bit makes a difference

Tech for Good stories

Welcome home

Founded in 1933, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) helps refugees and displaced peoples rebuild their lives in more than 40 countries and 20 US cities. IRC has used Zendesk Sell since November 2019 to make it easier to check in each asylum seeker, ensuring that no one falls through the cracks.Using Zendesk, IRC has completed the intake process for 1,000+ families including more than 800 children.

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Stay in touch

Employees at Fluyt, a small communications consulting company in Bogota, Columbia, knew that their information-sharing skills could be essential to helping educate others about COVID-19. Using Zendesk Guide, the team created – a content hub with more than 500 articles, ranging from mental-health resources to updated shelter-in-place protocols. More recently, Fluyt created a call centre for volunteers to connect patrons with resources for food, shelter and medicine.

Staying Connected

Kingfisher Treasure Seekers in Gloucester, England works to support the mental health and well-being of up to 2,000 vulnerable people a week, some of them at risk of suicide. When Covid 19 forced them to cease in-person counseling, the organization mobilized to put safe, private remote services in place. Today, Kingfisher Treasure Seekers uses Chat to talk to clients, so services and care can continue.

Practice kindness

Donating our money

St. Kilda Mums, a non-profit organisation in Melbourne, Australia that collects second-hand baby gear to donate to families in need, used a $45,000 donation from the Zendesk Neighbour Foundation to build a new warehouse that tripled the charity's impact.

Previously, St. Kilda Mums placed families on a waiting list for essential childcare items, given that it had limited office space for donations and volunteers. Now, St. Kilda Mums helps three times as many families – with room to spare.

How and where we donate

The Zendesk Neighbor Foundation provides financial and strategic support to non-profit organisations working toward systemic change in four focus areas: food insecurity, mental health, digital inclusion and equity, and climate change.

$10+ m donated to non-profits since 2015