Memsource is a leading cloud-based translation platform that enables global companies, agencies, and translators to seamlessly collaborate in one secure online location, reduce costs, and streamline their localization process.

Localize efficiently with Memsource, the AI-powered translation management system ranked as the most viable TMS by CSA Research in 2019. Automate and centralize your translations with our cloud-based TMS, which leverages the power of machine translation and patented AI technology.

Providing localized help center content is key to attracting and retaining your international customers. What’s more, it can improve support ticket deflection. The Memsource Connector for Zendesk makes the translation of your help center more efficient and streamlined.

Memsource seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, allowing you to translate your help center into your customers' languages without leaving the Zendesk platform. New content can be automatically imported into Memsource for translation the moment it is added to your help center, and once translated, it is pushed back into Zendesk and added as a new published multilingual page.


  • Simple set up with a Memsource account
  • New content is automatically exported into Memsource as it is published
  • Seamlessly receive the translated help center content back in Zendesk, without leaving the platform
  • Take advantage of our AI-powered technology and machine translation capabilities to increase translation efficiency and productivity
  • Translation memories store past translations and allow you to reuse them wherever possible, making for a faster and cheaper translation processes, without compromising on quality
  • Centralize lists of terms and other translation data to maintain consistency

Supported content:

  • Articles
  • Categories
  • Dynamic Content
  • Sections

The connector is available with the Enterprise edition of Memsource. Contact our sales team for licensing information, or to schedule a demo today!

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