End-to-end asset tracking that offers complete visibility into your IT asset landscape.

AssetSonar is an end-to-end asset tracking solution that offers complete visibility into your IT asset landscape, while supporting purchasing, reservations, assignment, auditing and maintenance of any assets and inventory, whether hardware, software or digital assets such as domains.

Our Zendesk integration provides the best-in-class ITSM experience and boosts efficiency by consolidating your IT assets and service desk tickets in a single space. Automate incident management, get faster troubleshooting, and improve reliability with AssetSonar’s ServiceDesk Alerts in Zendesk.

The systems interact seamlessly with each other, offering Zendesk Agents and IT Admins unprecedented levels of control and context when working on incidents. Access all your IT Assets from AssetSonar and link them with tickets within Zendesk. Our integration with Zendesk enables you to:

  • Flag and quickly identify IT Assets for maintenance

  • Connect long-term IT Asset lifecycle management with daily issues

  • Monitor status of IT Assets and tickets directly from AssetSonar.

Some common use cases include:

  • An employee filing a ticket regarding their broken computer that needs to be fixed. AssetSonar manages asset-related details while Zendesk manages the ticket workflow.

  • A staff member requesting a memory extension for their MacBook. The IT Helpdesk can look up details on the assigned device and determine the type of upgrade required. The details and past work on the MacBook would be visible on AssetSonar’s Zendesk app.

  • Logging AssetSonar services and maintenance events in Zendesk, which can then be assigned to your maintenance team.

  • Agents looking up all outstanding Zendesk tickets for an IT asset in AssetSonar.

Use AssetSonar’s powerful asset tracking ability to track custody, location, and maintenance of all your hardware. In addition, gain complete visibility into managed device details and both installed and cloud applications via out-of-the-box integrations with endpoint and identity management solutions such as Jamf, Microsoft SCCM, Intune, Google Endpoint Manager, Google Workspace, and Okta, as well as the built in agent-based software discovery. Entitle software use rights, manage license updates, renewals, and payments with timely alerts, and avoid penalties by detecting unlicensed or overused software. Identify blacklisted software quickly and take action. Also track digital assets such as domains.

Streamline your ITSM workflows while strengthening both security and accountability with a comprehensive cloud and mobile IT asset management platform. See our quick demo.

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