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Agatha Answers was built by Forethought Technologies, Inc. to help supercharge your customer support agents. Installing Agatha Answers will create an AI assistant called Agatha, who will intervene whenever your support agents receive inquiries from customers.

Some of the main features of Agatha:

  • Agatha will index your Zendesk knowledge base, your Zendesk tickets, and any other data sources you connect to it through the Forethought connector suite.

  • Agatha will leave a private comment on a ticket when it is created, containing a suggested answer that can be applied immediately from the comment.

  • Agatha will provide a sidebar app for your agents. Once an agent opens a ticket, they will see the Agatha Answers sidebar app on the right-hand-side. This app will provide the same suggested answer along with additional metadata such as relevant articles, relevant macros (if applicable), relevant past tickets, relevant videos etc.

  • The Agatha sidebar will also suggest tags which will be helpful to your support managers for reporting purposes and can help influence product roadmap. In addition, Agatha can automatically tag tickets with the appropriate custom fields and tags and route them to the corresponding experts.

For more information, please visit our website and request a demo, or contact us at provides helpful information through relevant tickets, articles, macros and any other type of document your organization uses.

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