A cloud-based service to engage your customers using chat, voice and video

Engage your website visitors in real time and turn them into customers through a proactive and multichannel service using chat, voice, video and many other collaboration tools, like assisted browsing and form sharing. Give your customers all the support they need and increase sales and revenues!

If Zendesk is your help desk tool for customer support, you can combine it with Vivocha to create an exceptional customer experience beginning with Vivocha, before the customer develops an intent to purchase, and continuing long with Zendesk, after the initial sale, providing great customer service.

The integration will make the following possible:

  • creating tickets on-the-fly during a voice call or a chat with a visitor
  • searching among pre-existing tickets of a returning customer
  • add a comment to an existing ticket
  • add chat transcript as a comment to an existing ticket
  • push a ticket link/page to a customer during chat, voice or video interaction

Features list

  • All Communication Media: Chat, Voice, Video and many other collaboration tools
  • Proactive and Engagement Rules: catch the right time on visitors engagement and show the right help service they need
  • Tag-Based System: give the right skilled agent to the right customer needs with a very simple tag-based routing system
  • Website and CMS compatibility: Vivocha is compatible with all websites and CMS in the market
  • Custom Widget: create and manage all services you want, personalize them for the best user experience of your customers
  • Agent Desktop: give your representatives an effective web browser application to manage real-time customer interaction
  • Co-Browsing: push website pages to your visitors and customers and help them to find the right information at the right time
  • Form Sharing: help visitors to fill up web forms and save -at the same time- customer's private information
  • Custom Data Request: request informations before interacting with your customers and give them a full personalized experience with your customer service
  • Macro & Canned Response: simplifies the work of your reps, creating canned response for the frequently and standard requests
  • Reports: analyze all the information about your services, media and agents with detailed reports on your admin area.
  • Visitors Behavior: analyze the behavior of your engaged visitors on your website with a native integration with Google Analytics, without doing anything!
  • External Integrations: integrate Vivocha with your own or third-party apps, in the most simple way with our external API

Start now using Zendesk + Vivocha to support your customers…and increase your revenues!

Activating Zendesk Integration

  1. To enable the Zendesk-Vivocha integration, go to the settings section of your account.
  2. Go to section “External Applications” and click on “Add Zendesk” button.
  3. Set the title your Zendesk application will have inside the Agent Desktop.
  4. Type in the subdomain of your Zendesk account home page. You can authorize against Zendesk using either basic authentication with your username/password or your username/API token.
  5. Set the username you will use for authenticating to Zendesk.
  6. Type in the password and/or the API token. This token is configurable in your Zendesk account under Settings > Channels > API.
  7. Enable Token Access to get your token.
  8. Set your choices for the following options:
    • Use agent identity: the application will access Zendesk using the agent’s identity (API token becomes mandatory).
    • Automatic ticket creation: with this option enabled, the agent will not have the possibility to manually add new tickets. The application will automatically create a new ticket at every contact (all the data collected during the interaction will be added to the new ticket).
    • Keep comments private: comments added to a ticket by the agent will not be visible to customers.
    • Keep chat transcripts private: chat transcripts added as a comment to a ticket will not be visible to customers.
  9. Save your settings.

The Zendesk application is now enabled on your account and it will be loaded into the agent desktop of all your agents. Use the appropriate flag to disable the integration.

Using Zendesk integration

Once your Zendesk integration is enabled, after having answered an incoming contact (chat or voice call), the Zendesk icon will appear on the agent desktop toolbar.

By clicking on it, the agent will have access to the Zendesk integration window, while the chat panel will be always available on the right.

If an email address is collected during a pre-contact data collection, it will be used as a default value for tickets filtering.

Creating new tickets

Using this feature, the agent will be able to transfer all data collected during a conversation with a visitor as a ticket to Zendesk.

  1. To create a new ticket, click on the “New Ticket” button.
  2. New ticket form will be automatically filled with the chat transcript. Fill it with a description and optionally assign the new ticket to a group/agent. Then click on create.
  3. After the transfer, the new ticket will be available in Zendesk.

App Details

  • Author: Davide Rovera
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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