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With Transifex and Transifex Sync, you can store all your translatable content, work with translators, and track the progress of your translations from a central place. There’s no need to copy and paste translations into your Help Center or send any files around. And it even works for multiple brands in Zendesk.

Here’s how Transifex Sync works:

  • Push articles, section titles, category titles, and dynamic content from Zendesk to Transifex for translation.
  • Translate with the help of your translation agency, conveniently order translations from a variety of translation providers, or crowdsource your translations.
  • Pull finished translations back into Zendesk.

Ready to get started? Install Transifex Sync and head over to the Transifex website to start a trial. From here, you’ll be able to connect your Zendesk Help Center with a specific project to start translating!

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