Stitch is a simple, powerful ETL service built for developers.

Stitch is an ETL service built for developers. Stitch connects to today’s most popular business tools – Salesforce, Facebook Ads, and many more – and replicates the raw data to a data warehouse. With Stitch, decision-makers are free to interact with their company’s data using the tools of their choice, whether that’s BI platforms like Mode and Looker, data science languages like R and Python, or a simple SQL client.

Visit and sign up for a free unlimited 14 day trial. After signing up, you'll be presented with a list of datasources you can connect. Select the Zendesk datasource from the list. Enter a name for the integration. This is the name that will display on the Stitch Dashboard for the integration; it’ll also be used to create the schema in your destination. For example, the name “Stitch Zendesk Support” would create a schema called stitchzendesksupport in the destination. Note: Schema names cannot be changed after you save the integration. In the Zendesk Subdomain field, enter your Zendesk Support site prefix. For example: For, only stitchdata would be entered into this field. In the Replication Frequency section, you’ll create the integration’s replication schedule. An integration’s replication schedule determines how often Stitch runs a replication job, and the time that job begins. Next, you’ll be prompted to sign into your Zendesk Support account. After the authorization process is successfully completed, you’ll be directed back to Stitch. Click All Done. For more instructions please see the Stitch documentation for the Zendesk integration:

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