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Increase your team intelligence! Notion helps you manage, capture, and share your team's performance metrics and KPIs in a single location. See Zendesk analytics side by side with data from your team and tools (like Pivotal Tracker) to answer questions like "what's the real end-to-end time for a ticket?" and "did a dip in team confidence result in a spike in support tickets?". Easily track KPIs based on your Zendesk metrics and visualize custom KPIs on your dashboards. The story behind your data is often just as important as what you are tracking, so Notion provides a home for all your team analysis.

Teams love Notion:

  • All your key metrics in one place.
  • Stop chasing spreadsheets and people to get at the metrics you care about.
  • KPI Best Practices and Team Health tracking.
  • Assign data owners for data collection with automatic reminders.
  • Integrates Zendesk with your team metrics. Also integrates with engineering tools like Pivotal Tracker (with more coming soon).
  • Capture the story behind your data – team commenting and Slack notifications.
  • Team Polling – discover gaps and opportunities for alignment.
  • One-click, sharable reports – Everyone will think you spent all weekend preparing them.

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To access your Zendesk API key, you must be an admin for your account.

The following instructions will walk you through the simple process of finding your Zendesk API key.

Step 1 Go to your Admin settings in Zendesk.

Admin settings

Step 2 Under the Channels header, select the API menu option. Channels -> API

Step 3 Enable Token Access and your API key will appear. Copy your key. (If you have already enabled Token Access, you can use the API key that is already listed.) Enable token access

Step 4 If you created a new key, hit Save.

Step 5 Return to your account settings page in Notion, paste in the API key, complete the rest of the form, and hit Update.

It's that simple. Once integrated, Notion will start fetching your data and you'll be able to add Zendesk recipes to your dashboards.

Happy tracking!

App Details

  • Author: Notion Team
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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