Ifeelgoods Gifting

Ifeelgoods Gifting

Make your customers happy with exciting personalised gifts, seamlessly

Ifeelgoods Gifting app enables you to instantly distribute exciting personalized gifts in one click to your consumers within your Zendesk interface, for any ticket:

  • Shipping delays? Send your consumer a movie he can watch while waiting for the replacement!
  • Faulty product? Delight your consumer with a dinner at his favorite restaurant!
  • … or simply send an app or a song to thank your consumers for giving you feedback about your products.

Offering personalized gifts through your Zendesk interface will improve satisfaction and loyalty, and turn even dissatisfied consumers into brand ambassadors!

Here are the key benefits of the Ifeelgoods app:

  • Largest gift catalog in the industry: over 10,000 items ranging from $1 to $300.
  • All gifts are 100% digital: this means no inventory or delivery costs - and your consumers receive their gift instantly via a customizable email.
  • Ifeelgoods integrated with Zendesk to make sending gifts as easy as possible: one single click on the right side of your tickets, and it’s done. It’s as easy as that.

Still not convinced? Just install our app with the testing environment provided, and try delivering test gifts within test tickets. See how easy and great it is, and once you're ready to go on to the next phase, just contact us and we will provide you with setup information to get you live on our app. Learn more at www.ifeelgoods.com. To contact us, email zendesk@ifeelgoods.com.

To install the Ifeelgoods Gifting App:

  • Make sure you are logged into Zendesk and navigate to the Apps Directory (Admin icon).
  • Locate the Ifeelgoods Gifting App and install it by clicking on the Install button.
  • To enable role restrictions, click on “Enable role restrictions” and select the roles that should have access to the app. By default, the app will be available to all agents.

To try the app in testing mode:

  • You do not need to fill the API Key, API Secret, and Promotion ID fields. Just make sure the “Testing Mode” box is checked and you’re good to go!
  • This will enable you to try the Ifeelgoods Gifting App within test tickets, with test gifts for which you will not be billed.
  • To activate the app in live mode with real gifts, just email your contact information to zendesk@ifeelgoods.com.

An Ifeelgoods staff member will contact you to schedule: - Selection of the gifts within Ifeelgoods’ catalog of 10,000+ contents; - Gifts payment; - App set-up (information to enter in the API Key, API Secret ad Promotion ID fields).

App Details

  • Author: Ifeelgoods
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:2.0.1
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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